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Our newest and most dynamic release

About Apricity

Released February 26th, 2018
Apricity is our latest and most musically diverse release, presenting an atmospheric and melodic musical voyage. 
This modern Black Metal album has powerful melodies, skilful drumming and intense vocals. We invite you to take a journey exploring the vastness of nature and various human emotions as each song unfolds a new chapter of darkness in a tale of our world’s end.


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New Webpage and Look

We have recently been spending some time looking at how we can best engage with our listeners! A part of this has been upgrading our webpage, we’ve been spending time updating our site to help with engaging with fans and providing a platform to share our new album with the world. Please bear with us as […]


Apricity Review

You might need to hunt down a latin scholar to interpret album finale‘Pravitatem Cordis Hominis’. But you won’t need a language student to highlight what a stunning climb to the final peak this song turns into. Full review: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2018/02/18/shades-of-black-wiegedood-atra-vetosus-jubal-agrona-lustre-kalmankantaja-blutvial/


Apricity Review

There are indeed aspects of conventional black metal aggression in these songs, but they do also include many interesting twists and turns — sublime interludes, considerable variety in the vocals (with livid cries, reverent clean vocal harmonies, and something close to throat singing, to go along with the piercing black shrieks), soaring panoramic melodies, swirling […]