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Great News!!!

Dear fans and followers, today we can bring you some wicked news regarding one (well actually two) of our signed band(s). We’re preparing an European Tour for April 2018 for none the less than Atra Vetosus! This will be the very first European tour for them on which they’ll be presenting their second full length album, to be released later this year by us.

As Co-Headliner we’ll be bringing along Perennial Isolation from Spain and as support act Drawn Into Descent from Belgium who are also signed under Immortal Frost Productions.

A few dates have already been confirmed, yet some still remain open. Any requests to which countries/cities we should come?
If anyone is interested to book the “European Tour” you can contact us at

More Great Reception


Our new EP is getting more great reception from around the world

Here’s the two latest reviews, one in Dutch and one in English


“Sit back, relax and Become one with the earth.”

This review of our new EP. This review explores the atmosphere of the music, lyrics and artwork. rates Ius Vitae Nesque at 85/100



“If I’d have to give it a name, musically the EP can be described as atmospheric melodic black metal. Technically well-played, clear, all instruments well-defined, immersive, great production…. It’s just bang-on all the time. There are some nice keyboard lines that add hugely to the atmosphere, without being too much in your face all the time. A bit like Emperor and Abigor used to have on their earlier work. Also to be commended is the great use of guitar solos and the twin guitar leads.”

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Welcome to our new Webpage

Thank you for visiting our new webpage, we will be continuing the building of our webpage over the coming weeks, if you notice anything that could be improved on our webpage feel free to contact us.

We will be using this space to share news about our upcoming release.