Apricity Review


There are indeed aspects of conventional black metal aggression in these songs, but they do also include many interesting twists and turns — sublime interludes, considerable variety in the vocals (with livid cries, reverent clean vocal harmonies, and something close to throat singing, to go along with the piercing black shrieks), soaring panoramic melodies, swirling folk-like arpeggios, and an overarching mythic atmosphere.

I also enjoyed the vibrant bass work in this well-balanced mix… though all the performers seem to have a keen grasp on what they’re doing, and what they’re doing is inspirational.

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Apricity Review


“Ever Falling Snow” is about as perfect of an example as it gets when it comes to creating a great atmospheric black metal song. Atra Vetosus clearly knows that even the most strong, atmospheric compositions are founded upon simple structures and patterns. It’s the simplicity built-upon by layering and harmonies that make a song like “Ever Falling Snow” what it is.

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Official release from Immortal Frost:

Great News!!!

Dear fans and followers, today we can bring you some wicked news regarding one (well actually two) of our signed band(s). We’re preparing an European Tour for April 2018 for none the less than Atra Vetosus! This will be the very first European tour for them on which they’ll be presenting their second full length album, to be released later this year by us.

As Co-Headliner we’ll be bringing along Perennial Isolation from Spain and as support act Drawn Into Descent from Belgium who are also signed under Immortal Frost Productions.

A few dates have already been confirmed, yet some still remain open. Any requests to which countries/cities we should come?
If anyone is interested to book the “European Tour” you can contact us at surtur@immortalfrostproductions.com


Atra Vetosus – Melbourne

April 2016

We will be heading to Melbourne for a once off show this April. At this gig we will move away from the more atmospheric songs we have been playing lately and play a selection of our faster more intense songs.




Here’s the gig write up by NWADM Promotions

Atra Vetosus is one of Australia’s best Melodic Black Metal bands. Hailing from Launceston Tasmania, the band has been garnering attention from their previous release Voices from the Eternal Night and have whipped up a mighty storm of support. They now travel to Australia’s mainland to showcase their talent and take us on a journey through our own souls. Atra Vetosus will be accompanied by death metal manicans Anient, prophets of shred Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba and fusion inspired slam-grind phenomenon Cyprus. Plenty of variety for even the most discerning of metal heads.

Set Times TBA
Atra Vetosus
Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba
Cyprus band

Tasmanian Metal – Hobart

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.14.37 PM

To coincide with the Launceston ‘Tasmanian Metal Documentary’ launch there will also be a show in Hobart the following week with some of Tasmanias greatest metal bands.

DVDS will be available on the night aswell. for $20 (includes double dvd and 2 bonus CDs)

We’ll also be playing our full EP ‘IUS VITAE NECISQUE’ on the night!

Tasmanian Metal

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.02.35 PM

Atra Vetosus will be making a short guest appearance at the ‘Tasmanian Metal Documentary’ Launceston launch in celebration of the DVD release along with some of Tasmania’s finest heavy bands.

This release has been 3 years in the making and spear headed by our very own, Josh Gee.

Hope to see many of you there!