Ius Vitae Nesicque – OUT NOW


Today we officially release our brand new EP “Ius Vitae Nesicque”. This EP comes with a slipcase and is limited to 500 copies! Buy your copy today!






‘IUS VITAE NECISQUE’ is our new single song 22 minute EP


2013 saw the release of our debut album ‘Voices From The Eternal Night’.
Since then we have been working on material for a follow up full length.

As an interquel between our debut and future full length we will be releasing a single song, 22 minute EP,

‘IUS VITAE NECISQUE’, is a tale of the power of life and death and one’s becoming with nature.
One’s becoming with the forests, the oceans and the skies.
One’s vision of eternal resplendence.

The cover artwork was painted by the very talented Martin Lynch-Smith – Artist.

“I have fallen deep into my demiseI have risen awakened by the sky”



Keep an eye out for more information about a couple special Launch shows here in Australia in the coming months.